Saturday, March 3, 2012

Took a Detour - Up Hill

During my long run today along Burnt Bridge Trail I got sidetracked and found myself running up Andressen Hill to Mill Plain Blvd.

I could have probably walked up that hill faster than I ran it....but I DON'T CARE.

I ran it.

All the way.

The Good: I ran this very hilly 2.57 miles (and that hill!) at an average pace of 12:23. That isn't my fastest run, but it was my fastest HILLY run and it was almost as fast as the completely flat 5K I did on 1/08/2012!

The Bad: I felt my knee twist when I was doing stretches afterwards. Dammmmmit. It is a bit tender right now after having been so good for a week.

The Ugly: I was running with a very sore throat and headache. I wanted to sweat out the crud. I hope I did.

Weather:   49 degrees. Wind at 2mph.  Humidity at 93%. No rain.

Some photos from my run -

The take-off point. Note it starts up hill. 

On my way back down the Andressen Hill shortly after tagging the light pole at Mill Plain BLVD

And Quarter Mile Split Details

And the hill!

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