Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ran with my pants on....INSIDE OUT!

I woke up and decided I wasn't going to go run this morning as planned. Still getting over the virus, it was still raining (this is the wettest March in the history of our city)  and I just didn't want to spend another run SOAKED TO THE BONE. I could use the treadmill tomorrow.

Then this afternoon, something weird happened.

I looked out my window and saw BLUE SKIES and white puffy clouds. I quickly got dressed, grabbed my gator-water, a hand full of Sports Beans, my iPhone, Garmin and thinking that I would be running on busy streets, I put on my brightest HEY-LOOK-AT-ME dayglow yellow running jacket.

Off I went! I ran out of my neighborhood and onto the big street that runs through town here.

Those who know me know I love trains, and it was a bonus finding the local train sitting out along the road. I ran up along it then ran backwards to snap this...never pausing.

Back on another main street I headed into what looked like an oncoming storm cell.

And right after I snapped this shot, rain drops started falling lightly. When I got to the beginning of the very long incline, it began raining harder. How does the rain know when to strike? I mean, hills are hard enough for me. MUST we add gusty wind and rain?

At the two mile/half way mark, I ate just TWO sports beans. I loved the taste, but now I know why some people complain about them. Chewing while running takes some getting used to.

At four miles, I looked at my heart rate and feeling like there was still something left in my legs, I went on past the street that would have taken me home. I ended up adding another half mile on top of my goal.

I had my fastest 3.1 mile time yet! Pace of 12:01. I bet I could have broke the 12's if I had been running flat ground! Maybe the July Harvest Days Run will be the day!

I ran my longest non-stop run in years, for a full 4.52 miles at a pace of 12:21.

Was it all the training? The speed work? The cross training? The losing weight? The Sports Beans??

Either way - I felt PROUD! And they say if you look great after a run, you are not running hard enough. Here I am after the run with soaking wet hair and blotchy face feeling mahvelous.

So feeling a bit of strain on my knees I walked home and went straight to my stretches. I was sitting on the ground, one leg extended in front of me and bending down to touch my toes when I noticed something wrong with the seams of my pants. Then I noticed the zipper at the ankle. I reached behind to my waist band and felt for the tags. My pants were INSIDE OUT. I had just run 4.52 miles through two of the busiest streets in my area wearing my pants inside out. LUCKILY the yellow jacket covers my hips so no one on the road could tell. But, I will have to be more careful when it starts warming up!!!

Weather: 53 degrees - wind gusts to 11mph - scattered rain
Weight: 164.6


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