Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten Cheerios on the Sidewalk

Tonight I was tasked with running ten 30 second hill sprints.

Well, I don't know about you, but I have a hard time keeping track of my counts when working out. So what to do? I put 10 multi grain Cheerio's in my Spibelt and went off to the Andressen x 63rd St hill. There, I ran up the hill for 30 seconds, and then placed a Cheerio down when I stopped.

Rinse - lather - repeat for ten sprints.

Of course my Cheerio's were all over the place. There must have been a full 4 yard difference between the two Cheerio's furthest from each other. I guess consistency is still a problem. The good news is that the shortest Cheerio was placed on my 3rd run. Not my 10th. I made myself pass that little ring on the sidewalk every time after.

Bonus of using Cheerios verses small rocks - no one will stub their toes on Cheerios and birds can eat them.

The REALLY good news? There was NO RAIN!! It was DRY!! Dare I hope for the same at track night tomorrow?

Average Running Pace up the hills: 9:41
Best Running Pace up the hills: 7:13
Elevation gain - 20 feet in 30 seconds.

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