Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Setbacks, Humdrums and a Virus

My last two long runs were among my worst for one reason or another. To break this spell, I have been looking forward to a redeeming run since last Saturday.

However, the stress in my life has once again caused my nerves/body to fight back.

Since I was a nail-biting child with constant cold sores (yay Anbesol!), I have endured painful outbreaks of Whitlow maybe once every few years. Sometimes even longer in between. There are many periods in my life I jut forgot about it and assumed it was no longer a part of my life. However, stress is a huge trigger for it and for the third time this year alone (yup, three times in just three months), this childhood disorder has struck me again. It causes a lot of pain, sleepless nights, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. The meds do shorten the illness effects, but the meds are really strong and make me feel so nauseous. I had plain white rice for dinner.

So running.

And that, causes more stress. Running is one of the very few times the last few months I felt stress free. I need to run. If I could make it happen, I would have tomorrow off, it would be a beautiful dry yet cool day, and I would be running. Running until I couldn't run any more. I would be running out by Lake Vancouver under the tall trees with nesting Osprey's and flitting song birds. Just me and the road.

Looks like the coach has the hill in Portland lined up for Saturday's long run. Not my favorite. I wonder if maybe I should just go to Lake Vancouver and run that instead. ;)

Weight: 164.6

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