Saturday, March 17, 2012

Have Shirt - Ready to Run!

Picked up our shirts today at the Portland Convention Center. They were out of my size within the first hour yesterday morning (even though I registered in JANUARY) but I got this nice men's shirt instead.

Also of note - I wore those jeans there. Those are size 12 jeans. WOOHOO!!!  I never thought twenty years ago I would be so excited to be in Size 12's! Funny how time changes things.

I am also attaching photos of a ceramic tile that was in a women's bathroom stall at the Convention Center. I noticed it while sitting and just started LAUGHING. The cleaning lady told me afterwards that it isn't often she hears laughing over that tile. She has heard screams though.

Here is the tile as seen from the toilet when sitting.

Here it is close-up. I have friends that would FREAK seeing this. 
Was surprised they pulled that in a women's stall.

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