Sunday, November 27, 2011

5K on the Streets

I am really proud: I ran 3.1 miles today on the street and only saw my HR hit 180 ONCE (I set the alarm to sound if/when it hit) and that was only during the very last half mile of my run while taking a very steep long hill from 169 ft elevation to 339 ft elevation (170 foot incline!). I only stopped running once (on that same hill) when I came across a truck literally parked ON THE SIDEWALK and ACROSS THE BIKE PATH.

TOTAL DISTANCE WALKED to squeeze through the thick brush and trees and catch my breath was .10 of a mile. Once past the truck I ran again.

I am really frustrated: Throughout the run my "CURRENT ACTIVE PACE" was showing between 10.50 and 13.15. A lot of 12's in there. A lot of 13's on hills. But when I downloaded my report it said my average pace was 14:00!!!! NO WAY!!

I am really proud: I didn't feel like running this morning. I hate mornings. I wanted to sleep in. I ran instead.

I am really frustrated:  Once I downloaded my report I was stunned. It said it took me 43:10 to run a 5K!! That is CRAZY! (But my moving pace was 13:40 which is 40:20 minute 5K which is still more than what the watch said!)

Then I noticed my split times (every quarter mile) and saw that according to the report, in eleven of the 12+ quarter miles splits, I STOPPED MOVING. LIES!!!

It also showed in the remaining quarter mile I ran faster than the actual time (HUH!?!?).

Granted, I jogged in place ONCE for about 8 steps at a stop light but that was only once as I had the green on the way out. To get a report showing eleven of 12 quarters had periods of non-movement is maddening.

I am so disappointed in today's post-run report.


Weather/time: started 8:48 am. Very overcast. 90-100% humidity. 47 degrees. Wind gusts clocked at 16mph @ weather station just blocks away. Threatened to rain but held off till I got home.

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  1. Several hours later: The only post-run discomfort I am feeling is a very sore rib cage. You see, the heart monitor strap is supposed to fit snugly below your bra strap. It is elastic and put on by going over your head. It is starting to stretch out and deep into my run I felt it wanting to slip down. So...I puffed up my chest as much as I could for the run since I didn't want to lose all the data from a full 3.1 miles. Expanding my chest for 20+ minutes non-stop while running = sore ribs/sides/back. Next time - I will just let it slip. Not worth the pain.