Thursday, November 10, 2011

Treadmill Sand

Today was my first time on the treadmill since the new motor and rollers were installed yesterday. Immediately I knew that this was NOTHING like my what I was used to.

There was a rumble/vibration I could feel with every step, and it felt like I was running in deep if the resistance was somehow cranked up yet even at my normal casual pace setting I felt like I could barely keep up. At 4 minutes I felt strain and had to really focus on form and staying centered on the belt as I was struggling.

Again - it felt like running in deep sand. I hated it. Still, race day is coming so I ran my full expected 30 minutes.

My resting heart rate is 58. I monitored my pulse with a runners heart rate watch and found I was VERY steady IN THE ZONE at 148-154 beats per minute the entire 27 minutes before I cranked my speed up 15% for the remaining 3 minutes. My heart rate then hit at least 159, possibly more (I couldn't get a reading at the peak of my last three minutes).


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