Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

I looked forward to running again all week, yet at the same time worried about causing serious injury to already strained and overworked muscles so close to the two races coming up.

I decided I would just run ONE mile tonight.

However, at one mile I decided to at least make it a true aerobic workout and go a full 20 minutes.

It wasn't pretty and I kept paying attention to my posture and legs. Am I turning in at the ankles or knees? Straighten up! Is that pain starting on my right leg? No? Keep going. Was THAT? Nope. Okay. Keep going. It was very mental. But oddly, there wasn't a lot of sweating going on tonight. I guess mental is just as hard on a workout as physical fatigue because at 20 minutes I was ready for my cool down.

However, I feel so good afterwards. I just feel stronger - physically, mentally and emotionally.

I needed that.

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