Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weighty issues and Goals

It is getting close to my first two events. So quickly!

  • Thanksgiving Morning "TURKEY TROT": 5K walk/run. 17 days away! Not expecting great times as this is so packed most walk it. Maybe 45 minutes? LOL!!

  • December 4th "JINGLE BELL RUN": 5K in Portland, Oregon on the street. 27 Days Away! Supposedly this is the BIG one and I should be able to run as far as my body will let me that morning.

Current race challenge - I am still recovering from a mountain hike I took 8 days ago. Most everything is okay now, but my right upper leg is still feeling pull/light pain when lifted. My brother said it sounds like a groin pull that can take quite awhile to heal. Just take it slow and easy for now.

#1 GOAL:
  • Lose 5 pounds between now and December 4th. I hate to admit it, but today I decided to put the numbers out there. I weighed 180 pounds this morning. At 150 I used to be a lean mean running machine. But that is 30 pounds away from now. My doctor recommended no asphalt or concrete running until I hit at least 165-170 max but it looks like I will be hitting pavement somewhere between 175 instead on the 4th. Hoping I don't hurt my knees. If you want to know what that feels like, go grab a 30 pound sack of pet food and then run for 30-45 minutes.
Going strong - getting stronger! :)

TODAY's RUN: Ran around the block with my DORK golden retriever WAY above my pace. That was not the warm up I expected. Then, ran on the treadmill at a slightly faster than normal pace for 30 minutes non-stop. Did a LOT of stretching as that right leg is still a bit bothersome. BUT I DID IT!!!

By the way - this is me post-run today wearing my AWESOME Brooks running jacket (that can't be missed from a mile away) and my rain-proof running cap. I sure wish I could afford that jacket in every color. I bought it in Men's so it would be long enough to cover my hips. :D

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