Monday, November 14, 2011

Heart rate confusion

I was reading last night that in a typical week, a runner should have several types of runs based on their heart rates and types of exertion. Since yesterday was a long distance run at a flat level with slight (normal) escalation towards the end, I thought I would try the type where you push it to the top then relax then push it. Problem was, I pushed it to 164 beats per minute as early as 6 minutes and my heart rate wanted to stay up there even during the two minutes of slowed snails pace running in between the sprints. There was no real ups and downs.

I am confused.

Either way: Ran 30 minutes tonight. The first 20 minutes had all out sprints for a minute, every third minute (for a total of six intervals completed between my normal pace).

Heartrate after the sixth minute into the workout I averaged a 164-166 heart rate.

The first 30 seconds after running (while walking through a cool-down) it dropped to 144 and by the 5th minute of walking was down to 94.

I need to read more on this. I am not getting it.

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