Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Shoes & Evanescence

I was worried about the upcoming 5k's being on asphalt and was doing research. I found my Brooks shoes were great for control (overpronation) but not the cushiest. We went to Fit Right NW on Friday night and I told the sales person that I loved my Brooks, but needed something with more cushion...something for heavier runners.

He knew exactly what to suggest - Asics Foundation Gel 10's (that is the model, not the size!).
It felt like I was walking on pillows. I did a few little jogs and found the sole flexed (my Brooks felt like they had a cross bar through the sole), were lighter and did I mention the walking on pillows?
I bought them immediately. Today they fit MUCH more snugly than when I tried them on but I ran anyways. I LOVE THEM!!! No hip strain (great motion control) and no knee burn. They felt great.

Thank you Fit Right NW!!!

Todays run: 30 minutes non-stop.
Average Heart rate over the 30 minute run: 148
Peak Heart rate: 158 (Zone 5 but only for a few minutes)

Speaking of that elevated peak heart rate, that occurred at around the 22 minute mark when an Evanescence's song, "BRING ME TO LIFE" came on my playlist!!! I tried very hard to maintain my standard pace but still the heart rate shot up drastically during that song. I removed it from my long run playlist because I don't need to wear myself out any sooner than I would naturally. :D

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