Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Setback

  • On Saturday my husband and I went on a hunt for some waterfalls in the Cascade Mountain range. We wondered why there were no trail guides for it, other than an occasional person's rough description of how to get there and one GPS point.

Long story short, there was no trail to the falls. It was a downward descent down a mountain side on a steep and crumbling lavic flow that had slippery moss and loose rocks. We kept going down, down, down and there was places so steep I sat on my bottom and scooted down. Loose rocks and slippery spots resulted in lots of startled frantic efforts to stay upright.

We did find the falls. I did get photos (see above). Then we went back up the middle of the rock slide. Straight up. At times, scaling the wall of loose rock with hands and feet. At times, sending large boulders crashing below us as they gave way. At times, wondering if we weren't a bit nuts.

We were both INCREDIBLY proud to make it to the top. It felt exhilarating.

  • Sunday, all the ankle twisting, knee bending, hip turning, and muscles involved the day before in staying upright on our hike caught up with me.

  • Monday, it was even worse. Simply stepping down onto the street off a sidewalk sent jolts up my legs! This caused me a lot of concern.

  • Tuesday, I tried a short run during a break at work. I had to stop at about a fifth of a mile as it still hurts to LIFT my legs.

My first 5K run is only 33 days away.

I am NOT giving up. But I **AM** taking it easy. If I have to walk some of the December 5K then I will have to walk it. But I WILL be there and I WILL finish it.

Live and Learn.

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