Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rethinking and Adjusting

I read a lot online, and spoke to the folks at the sporting good store about the very high unexpected heart rate during the race two days ago.

  • My normal 30 minute run HR is an average of 160 with a 165 peak.
  • I was at 171 at just 1.5 minutes with an average of 180 and peak of 187 by 23 minutes.

I could understand if I had been getting those numbers before, but SOMETHING was causing it to spike so early and so high that I need to identify and eliminate from my future runs. I had never hit 180 before, let alone 187. SCARY!! I got weak quickly at after 2.1 miles I had to take my gloves off, and tie my jacket around my waist and walk a few times before getting the HR below 178 and running the last mile in.

I KNOW I can run the 5K non-stop if I can keep my pulse from spiking and going nuts.

What was different at the race that I didn't have in my two months of practice?

1: Most of my workouts are late afternoon. This was early morning. My earliest run in 12 years.

2: I had caffeine within an hour of the run. I normally drink it between 7 am and 9am. I normally run after 5:30 pm.

3: It was 95 % humid out (which makes for harder breathing/exertion) and most of my workouts were indoors or outdoors when humidity was much lower.

4: I had layers of clothes on (long running pants, jog bra, long sleeve running shirt, jacket, gloves and a rain cap with a lining in it). I normally practice in loose knee shorts, jog bra and headband.

5: There was a lot of people running a 9 minute pace around me the first 5 minutes (I am a 10.5'er to 11 on slow days).

SO! With adjustments, I am going for a practice run out in the neighborhood tomorrow.

1: I am going first thing in the morning. I need to get used to that.


3: It will be 100% humid tomorrow. Likely raining. Time to get used to it.

4: Wearing the same running gear EXCEPT I am not trapping the heat in my head with a lined cap! I bought a rain visor yesterday. Also, I will wear gloves with the finger tips removed.

5: I am running alone. I will be watching my pace via my HR monitor/GPS.

I can't wait to try this.....and I am SO thankful for these new shoes that make it possible to run on asphalt without knee or hip strain.

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