Monday, December 12, 2011

30 Minute Run

Still running faster than usual, but not by much. Did notice that my heart rate peaked lower than the last two this week! That is a plus. Been feeling pretty lethargic and unenthused all week though. I haven't had a runner's high since the race on the 4th (8 days ago).

Tomorrow I am having a "PRE-assessment" done to determine my health, fitness and form for my 21 week running course.

I dread hearing out loud from a stranger the things I already know. The positive side is that the POST-assessment should be a much happier occasion.


30 minutes at 4.2
Average Heart rate: 153 (3 more than usual, but with a faster run and caffeine)
Peak Heart rate: 163
HR recovery: 117 at five minutes walking

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