Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bah Humbug

It has been at or below freezing all day today with humidity in the 90's.

Even though I am inside, I can't get warm. This makes me lazy. I did not want to run today. Not at all. I wanted to make cocoa, put on flannel and cozy up with a good book and an electric blanket. I now believe it isn't all the foods out that make people slack during the holidays, it is the miserable weather!

I opened the window, put the fan in it (aimed at my back), and hopped on the treadmill to acclimate to running in freezing temps because of the upcoming winter runs.

I sped the treadmill up a notch tonight for the entire 30 minutes.

I wasn't cold any more.


30 minutes at 4.3 (ANOTHER increase!) right after drinking a can of caffeine. Ooops.

Average Heart rate: 154 (3 more than usual, but with a faster run and caffeine)

Peak Heart rate: 165 (with a faster run and caffeine it only raised 1! Woohoo!!)

HR recovery: GREAT! I was back down from 161 to 135 within a minute, 124 within two and 114 while still walking at five minutes. At least that is improving.

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