Saturday, December 17, 2011

Injury Prevention PreScreen Results

I am registered for a 5K Training Program that lasts for 20+ weeks and starts next month. One of the things they recommended was an Injury Prevention Pre-Screening at a local Physical Therapy Sports center here in the area.

Naturally, I was nervous. After all, I am 173 pounds and my prior running weight 12 years ago was 141. That is 32 pounds over my ideal weight. Did I *really* want to go and have someone tell me what I already knew? Especially when losing this weight has been such a slow and FRUSTRATING process?

I got there and was introduced to my PT. She had me do a variety of moves, stretches and flexes while she maneuvered, measured and watched.

She never addressed my weight, and did mention that my heel strike will be something addressed during the Training Program and not to be worried about at this point.

I rated "EXCELLENT" in most flexibility and strength tests.

I had "GOOD" in one (Glutes) and "FAIR" in one. It appears that I have very 'tight' iliotibial band that needs a 'lot' of attention. She gave me four stretches and exercises to work on.

I was very proud of my "EXCELLENT" scores.

Now I just have to work out the IT Band so I can prevent knee injuries.

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