Friday, December 30, 2011

Indoor Intervals - P7 Stats

I still feel a bit confused about what I 'should' be doing to get stronger and faster and am anxious to start my coached program at the end of next month. For now, I am just pushing myself a little more at each workout, on the days I can grab the time to do it.

This morning I ran a custom program I made for myself that is 40 minutes long and filled with one minute long intervals. I call it my P7 workout. It is basically the following after 5 minutes of walking/jogging to warm up:

  • run 1 minute at level 5 (pace of 10.0 min/mi which is my GOAL PACE for 2012)
  • run 1 minute at level 4.4 (pace of 13.4 min/mi which is my CURRENT RACE PACE)
  • walk 1 minute level 3
  • run 1 minute at level 6 (pace of 8.3-8.53 min/mi!!)
  • walk 1 minute level 3
  • repeat over and over and over
I ran at or WAY above my current pace for 3 of every 5 minutes. In fact, level 6 is about 62% faster than my race pace..

On top of that, today for the first time -

  • I increased the incline from 0% to 2% on every interval excepting the level 6 intervals, knowing I could turn it back if needed. I didn't need to. 
  • I added a double interval level 6 onto the end today.

So although I started off feeling discouraged about still being a jogging slug, I realized that I AM getting stronger and faster. That was a good feeling.

P7 Workout Stats:

Avg HR: 148 bpm
Max HR: 182 bpm (never hit above 177 until the double peak interval at the end)
Avg Pace: 14:23 min/mi (includes the long cool down at the end)
Best Pace:  8:29 min/mi (peak intervals!)
Avg Run Cadence: 65 spm
Max Run Cadence: 84 spm

Quarter Mile Stats:

1 Ave Pace 19:43  Best Pace 15:27  Avg HR 105  Max HR 133  (warm up)
2 Ave Pace 13:08  Best Pace 10:07  Avg HR 146  Max HR 158
3 Ave Pace 13:16  Best Pace 8:46   Avg HR 148  Max HR 163
4 Ave Pace 12:56  Best Pace 8:51   Avg HR 157  Max HR 167
5 Ave Pace 13:04  Best Pace 8:53   Avg HR 160  Max HR 169
6 Ave Pace 13:29  Best Pace 8:38   Avg HR 156  Max HR 171
7 Ave Pace 12:43  Best Pace 8:37   Avg HR 163  Max HR 170
8 Ave Pace 12:13  Best Pace 8:39   Avg HR 169  Max HR 177
9 Ave Pace 14:44  Best Pace 8:34   Avg HR 167  Max HR 177
10 Ave Pace 11:06 Best Pace 8:29   Avg HR 173  Max HR 182

Weight today (POST CHRISTMAS OOPS!!!): 175

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