Thursday, December 1, 2011


I hate crunches and can only do a few. I can not do a single plank style push up.

I learned today that it is highly recommended as part of my coming running/training program that I work on those as CORE strength and UPPER BODY strength are very helpful in running. Fortunately for me I won't have to work on flexibility of the back, hips or legs. 1 out of 3 ain't a total loss.

Also - time to give up my carbonated (calcium depleting) soft drinks.

Replace my morning Dr Pepper with ice tea?!?

Great. JUST Great.


  1. A good core exercise is planks. They're a lot easier than crunches, don't risk back injury, and will help you with those push ups eventually. Basically it's just holding a push up position stationary for between 60-90 seconds, with a tight glute and abs. You can work the obliques by doing side planks balancing on one hand and one foot, rotated 90 degrees.

    If you're worried about bone density, it's mainly the phosphorous in the soda's that are the problem. Generally, those are just in the dark sodas but cutting them all out isn't a bad idea.

    Even better, if you want to increase bone density there are a few simple supplements that can have a HUGE effect. The most important is probably a good vitamin D3 supplement. Get an oil based liquid or gel cap. Don't bother with the pills, D needs fats to be absorbed the body, so getting it delivered via an oil based gel. Also, D3 is the only form your body really uses. D2 is plant derived and not well used by the body. (5000 IU is probably about right for dosage, but you can get your levels checked to figure it out. You want to hit around 60 ng/ml)

    Next, is sufficient calcium intake. You can get it best through dietary sources like whole fat dairy and bone broth (cook soups and stews with bone-in meat, drink the broth). You can also supplement with pills, but make sure you get calcium citrate, not carbonate. Carbonate is again poorly processed by the body.

    The above two supplements are cheap. One a bit more expensive but pretty helpful is Vit K2. Different than Vit K, K2 is has several important roles but the most important is probably making sure those calcium supplements wind up depositing in the bones, not in soft tissues.

  2. Thanks, Yaish!!!! I do take a calcium,D,K chew but it is the carbonate. I will look for the gel citrate.

    When I got my labwork up here a year ago the doctor said to not be surprised by a Vitamin D deficiency when the results come in. She said ALL northwest folk have it. She was so wrong when my results came in she called me personally to congratulate me on great D counts and said, "Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it!"

    My favorite soft drink is Diet Dr Pepper. I drink one or two cans a day. Always first thing in the morning. Some people drink coffee. I hate coffee. Now I will try iced tea for awhile. Hopefully that will help the transition.

    OH!!! I read in today's Runners World that a great source of Calcium is canned salmon with the bones. You get protein and very soluble calcium all in one. Just so happens I like canned salmon, but don't tell anyone up here. That is like some cardinal sin.

  3. I think I confused you. The Calcium can be in pills, just so long as it's calcium citrate. The D3 should be oil based, usually it's in gel capsules or drops.

    I like canned salmon too. I put it in salads with olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing. Canned mackeral is good too, but it's much fishier. I personally like it, but YMMV