Saturday, December 3, 2011

Night Before the Big Run

It is 5:40pm. I will be in bed in just 3 hours. I still have some vertigo issues and am still hoping to be able to complete my run tomorrow.

Temps expected in the morning are between 27 and 31 degrees.

We will be running along the water front so temps might feel even colder than that.

Weather expected to be foggy foggy and foggy.

Bags are packed. Clothes laid out. Pre-race and post race foods and drinks ready.

The pharmacist suggested I take a Claritin in the morning. She said it might help with the vertigo and shouldn't affect my pulse or run. But, everything I read says to never do something for the first time, before a race. Scary. What if it DOES increase my pulse? I sure don't need that when I will be battling my HR all morning to keep it under 180 with all the excitement that will be going on.

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