Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning 5K

I started off begrudgingly under a medium rain, and strong winds. Wearing my visor, my head was wet by the time I got to the street. I ran back inside and got my rain cap.

This run kind of hurt. I felt like I was running in deep mud. My legs just didn't want to move today and I felt like a giant day-glow yellow slug running along the highway. It took everything in me to keep myself moving. This run was WORK! 

Was it maybe too much pre-Christmas diet-blowing junk food the last two days? Did pizza put the whamo on my performance?

Luckily, the rain stopped shortly after the first mile. THAT was nice. I never felt wet though thanks to the great jacket and winter running wear I purchased. I never overheated either, though when taking over a mile of incline I did have to unzip the jacket for additional ventilation.  And then when running straight into the strong head wind it gave me a super-hero flying cape effect that was kind of cool.

Although I stopped recording at 3.13 miles, I kept going after as I wasn't even back into my neighborhood yet. I guess I miscalculated. The total miles done today were a very sloppy 3.49.

My 5K times are STILL coming in between 39:39-39:50.  RATS! At least I am consistent.

BUT!!! I suspect on a regular course I would definitely beat that. This course today was my hardest yet. It was the first one I did that had an incline of 3% or more, for a mile or greater. It earned me an icon on the workout when I uploaded it.

Also, although I was feeling really weak on the steepest incline and almost short of breath, I am proud my heart rate stayed at 170 and below. It made me wonder if my heart monitor was broken. I really did that??? If so, YAY ME!!!  :)


Distance:3.13 mi
Avg Pace:12:42 min/m

Faster full quarter mile:10:43 min
Min Elevation:214 feet
Max Elevation: 333 feet
Elevation difference:119 feet
Average Heart rate:151 bpm
Max Heart rate:170 bpm

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  1. Weather: 43 degrees, with winds gusting up to 17 mph. Rain the first mile. Light occasional and random sprinkles the last miles.