Thursday, December 15, 2011

Memorial Run for Randy Ehrhard

I wasn't planning on running more than once in January and registered only for one 5K until last night. The persons who put on the Turkey Trot 5K let us know that the gentleman who had the heart attack during that race (and later passed from complications of that and a second attack in the hospital) used to run with his church every January 1st. They are now making this years run open to the public as a Memorial Run to help raise money for his surviving wife and daughters.

I had never met Randy. I had never heard of him before Thanksgiving day. But, I remember Randy from his last run.

I remember seeing him, and those trying to assist him. I remember hearing him as I passed, and being told that a doctor was there, please keep moving. I remember being grateful that it was a doctor with him. I remember being confused when I heard the ambulance as it raced to the scene. It worried me greatly as I had incorrectly assumed by what I saw that he had just suffered a seizure. When they blocked the entire path off on the return of the run I was very worried. I learned on Sunday that he had passed 2 days after the race.

There was no way I was NOT going to register for this run. Drying my eyes, I completed the registration process, and then donated an extra bit through their paypal link.

I couldn't imagine what his family is going through. Surely I can do an extra run next month if it means helping.

RUN TONIGHT: 45 minutes. Ave HR 152. Peaked at 170 when I increased my pace .6 mph for five minutes.

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