Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Starting!

I am so excited! When I started in August I was at a certain percentage of body fat according to my fancy scale. Over the last months, I checked every few weeks at the same time of the day and it remained the same. My pants were getting loose and people were remarking on how I looked, but it stayed the same. My experienced running partner said not to be discouraged as it takes a long time to lose just a single percentage but once it starts, it starts showing results more quickly. Just don't stop running.

I measured today. My body fat went down 2%! This is the first time it changed and it changed by 2%.

I can't wait for the next tape measure day - January 10th.

Workout: Walked 3 miles and since yesterday was a long run, I only ran a mile today, alternating one minute sprints with normal one minute paces

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